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The Leaders in FINRA Exam Prep

Since 1991, Knopman Marks Financial Training has provided FINRA Exam preparation to students and professionals in the financial sector. Our FINRA test preparation is the best in the business, helping students from around the world prepare for and pass their FINRA exams with our superior instruction and support.

Our FINRA test prep combines years of industry experience, personal attention, and comprehensive, up to date, easy to understand study guides. We also offer personal support to all of our students with small class sizes and teacher availability to ensure all of our students are well-prepared to pass their exams. Our years of excellent test results and thousands of glowing testimonials are a testament to our educational philosophy and unrivalled study materials.

Knopman Marks Financial Training offers a number of methods to help all of our students achieve the results they want. Our live classes, led by highly-trained instructors, are ideal for providing individual attention to students and ensuring that students have the tools necessary to improve their knowledge base and a solid grasp of the testable concepts. Our instructors are available to provide students with attention before, during, and after classes to deliver optimal results. We work extensively with students on a one-on-one basis and through benchmark exams to determine their readiness to test before actually sitting for the real exam.

We also provide virtual classes, Knopman Internet Training (KIT), and a complete iPhone/iPad app for students unable to attend live classes in Manhattan. Our digital study materials combine our excellent course material with a number of helpful reinforcement tools and online practice exams to provide the same educational value as a live class session. Both KIT and our mobile app offer a unique studying experience for students studying for the FINRA exam and promise the same educational worth as a live professor.

We at Knopman Marks Financial Training are dedicated, above all, to providing our students with the education and information necessary to pass their FINRA exams. We do everything within our power to provide all of our students with the skills and knowledge they need to not only pass the FINRA exam, but for a lifelong career in finance as a knowledgeable professional. We have over 20 years of experience in FINRA test preparation and over 20 years of success stories to go with it. Whatever your FINRA test prep needs, Knopman Marks Financial Training can help you get the results you need and the finance career you want.

* FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority