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Prepare for the Series 6 exam with Knopman Marks’ industry-leading training package. Our Series 6 training course includes comprehensive study materials as well as instructor guidance that you can access throughout your study journey. We offer the latest information and guidance to make test prep a worry-free experience. Study with confidence and walk into your exam equipped with the knowledge you need to pass the first time around.

This exam is a requirement for those looking to sell variable annuities and investment company products. 

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Our comprehensive course includes everything you
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Downloadable Supplements
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Online Question Bank
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Access to the online Training Center, your digital study hub full of proprietary KM study guides, videos, and more
Real-time email updates from instructors with last-minute tips and nudges exactly when you need them
Proactive ongoing check-ins from our expert team
Easy-to-follow action plan with clear-cut guidance and suggested next steps
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Series 6 Exam Prep Course Course Curriculum
Lesson 1
Intro & Series 6 Basics (July 2022)
Lesson 2
Investment Company Products and Regulation (FEB 2022)
Lesson 3
Variable Products and Regulation (FEB 2022)
Lesson 4
Account Opening and Suitability (FEB 2022)
Lesson 5
Account Maintenance (FEB 2022)
Lesson 6
Sales Communications & Sales Practices (FEB 2022)
Lesson 7
Investment Company Tax Concepts (FEB 2022)
Lesson 8
Retirement Plans (FEB 2022)
Lesson 9
Market Information and Analysis (FEB 2022)
Lesson 10
WRAP UP (FEB 2022)
Lesson 11
S6 Flashcards (iOS App Access ONLY; Browser access via tab above)
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Exam Details
About the Series 6 Exam
Exam Format
50 graded multiple-choice + 5 experimental, ungraded questions
1 hour and 30 minutes
Passing Score
Recommended Study Time
50 to 75 hours
Series 6 Student
NY Life
”I’d highly recommend KM to anyone pursuing a career in the industry. At first I thought “wow $300+ for some online material is BS and a waste of my time” but the book is fantastic. I may not be able to fully understand every conceptual question in the quiz but through the book and videos I was able to comprehend the overall concept and retain the information.”
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Series 6 FAQ
Can I take the Series 6 exam even though I am not sponsored?

You must be sponsored by a FINRA member firm in order to take the Series 6. Learn more about sponsorship and consider the SIE exam if you aren't sponsored.

How is the Series 6 different from the SIE?

The Series 6 goes deep into mutual funds and variable products which were introduced in the SIE.  It includes more detailed information about communications and rules relating to these products.  The SIE covers a wider range of topics, but the S6 questions are more detailed and technical.

If I just took the SIE, do I need to read the entire book when studying for the Series 6?

At a minimum you should read chapters 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9 and review the video lectures for all chapters.  It’s best to read through the entire book and complete all the exercises if possible, but you should ensure that no more than 25% of your overall study time is spent reading the book. 

Are there a lot of math questions on the Series 6 exam?

Most people will see no more than 3-5 questions that involve math on the Series 6.

How many Series 6 questions should I complete on the Practice Exams site before I take the exam?

You should plan on completing about 800 - 1,000 practice questions online prior to taking the exam in addition to the benchmark and diagnostic exams. If your scores are not within passing range at that point, you may need to complete more questions. For best results, be sure to use unused questions when building your exams so that you continue to get exposure to new applications of the concepts.

What is the usual study time for the Series 6 exam?

Assuming you are working full time, you should allow 3-5 weeks or 50-75 hours to prepare for your exam. Plan to study about 1-2 hours per day plus 3-4 hours each weekend day. If you’re able to spend 5 hours per day, you can be ready in as little as 2-3 weeks. Your exam scores are the best guide, and you should be averaging over 70% before your test.

How do your Series 6 practice questions compare in difficulty to the questions on the actual exam?

Our questions are designed to be a bit more challenging than most of the questions you’ll see on the exam.  This helps ensure a safety margin so that you’re ready to pass when you’re averaging 70%.

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