Our Exam Prep & Philosophy

Forming a Partnership:

Domestic and global financial institutions have come to rely on our training methodologies, our knowledgeable and experienced instructors, as well as our cost-effective programs to assist in their training and development needs. We become a partner with our clients, providing a seamless and integral extension of their firm, enhancing the intellectual capital within. This is achieved by our consistently high success rates, the thorough follow-up we provide on each student’s progress and our superior customer service.

Personal Attention:

Students preparing for their qualification examinations feel confident that our training programs will provide them the very best in professional exam preparation. Each student is given the personal attention needed to ensure optimum performance. We intentionally limit the number of students attending each study program because we believe that crowded classrooms dilute the learning process.

Keeping the student-teacher ratio at a comfortable level creates a learning environment that ensures our students will master the required information. If a student cannot attend our regularly scheduled study programs, he or she can call our office to gain additional insight into the course material. Our instructors provide students with their personal contact information. Students can call at anytime, including nights and weekends, to have specific questions answered.

The Right Material:

Our course material is up-to-date and easy to understand. Key concepts are tested extensively through practice examinations. Workbooks are used in the classroom to reinforce key points and to thoroughly familiarize students with all the required subject matter.

Benchmark Exams:

Our simulated exams serve as valuable assessment tools. These simulated exams determine each student's readiness and the level of success which can be expected on the actual qualification exam.

The Proper Follow-Up:

Each student is given input to determine when the student should sit for the examination. When students maximize the services we provide, they are then ready to pass the qualification examination. Should a student need more time to prepare for the exam, he or she can continue in our programs without additional tuition charges. In the event a student does not perform well on an exam, he or she can retake the course in its entirety within one year at no additional charge.