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Get Training, Flash Cards & Quizzes – All in one downloadable app!

The Knopman App combines 3 essential components to help you prepare for your FINRA exam, right from your iPhone or iPad.

On-Demand Training

The first step in your FINRA Exam prep is to learn the material. The Knopman App includes hours of detailed lectures for each exam we offer. Our On-Demand Training covers the same content that we teach in our live classes & is taught by the same instructors. These classes cover the most difficult & heavily tested concepts on the FINRA Exams.

Practice Q & A

The App contains practice quizzes for each class. Test your knowledge of the content and review questions with detailed explanations. These current and regularly updated questions are specifically tailored to address the most important and challenging content on the examinations.


Enhance your prep with Flashcards. Each unit has its own set of flashcards to help you reinforce the topics you’ve learned. Think you mastered the concepts? Shuffle the deck and run through them again.

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