General Frequently Asked Questions

General Knopman Marks Questions

FAQ How do I access Knopman Internet Training (The KIT)?
FAQ How do I enroll in a Live Class?
FAQ How do I know which Learning Format I am enrolled in?
FAQ How do I Select or Change my Learning Format?
FAQ How do I access the additional supplements for my Exam?
FAQ How do I schedule the exam?
FAQ How often is the exam given?
FAQ What if I have to miss a class?
FAQ When will I get my Qbank Access?
FAQ Can I just take the class even though I am not sponsored?
FAQ Should I read the book before class?
FAQ Can I access Qbank on my iPad?
FAQ Can I take the exam if I am not sponsored?
FAQ Can you explain the difference between the Series 79 standard package & the basic package?
FAQ Where are the Exhibits found? (Series 79 Exam)
FAQ Is the KIT just a recording of a live class?
FAQ Are all of your classes based in Manhattan? What if I am located somewhere else?
FAQ Why is the online class shorter than the live version?
FAQ Can I come back to class if I did not pass the exam?
FAQ What if I want tutoring prior to the exam? How does this work?
FAQ Is tutoring available on the evenings or weekends?

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